MAC Pink Nouveau

I love pink so much, since it makes me looks fresher and girly. I have a very pale skin, and lipstick can make a big difference for my whole appearance. So lipsticks is a must in my dictionary 😀 . I’m a lipstick girl who won’t came out from the house without it.

MAC Pink Nouveau is one of my favorite lipsticks 😀 MAC desribes it as a bright pink. In my skin tone, Pink Nouveau is a very pretty bright pink, sometimes it looks like neon pink in my lips and sometimes it looks warmer depends on my skin condition. I have a yellow skin tone, and sometimes bright colors looks warmer in my skin tone :p i don’t know why :p

It’s a satin finish, so it will give you an opaque coverage. So for you who love a full coverage for your lips, this is a good investment 😀

MAC Pink Nouveau with flash

MAC Pink Nouveau without flash

this is me wearing it (i’m sorry for taking it with flash, that’s why my skin looks so white on some area) 😀

so do you think that MAC Pink Nouveau a good investment or not? what is your favorite pink colors? i really like to know, since i’m myself still searching for the other lovely pink colors 😀 hehee..

Thanks a lot for stopping by 😀

About sassydesi

a wifey and a girl who is sassy and stubborn. a fashion and a beauty enthusiast. she loves handbags, a doglover and definately not-a-morning person kind of girl, and the last but not least she loveees sweet & juicy delicacies.
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7 Responses to MAC Pink Nouveau

  1. barexbones says:

    this is the pink I’ve been searching for in a lipstick! I’ll have to stop by the MAC counter this weekend : )

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