a blast from the past…

cute story…we’ve met when we’re 16 or 17  maybe, in 1996…highschool…st. laurensia 🙂
the one that bring us together maybe our similar interest to wall magazine, that made us the representative  for representating our class at that moment 🙂

with that same interest, we started to know each other and hanging around too…..and the bonding still strong until now 🙂

eventhough one of them is not in jakarta at this moment, but we’re still keeping our hearts close (*hayaaaaah..)

i’m closer with nique, but don’t get me wrong here, it doesn’t mean that i’m not close with Jill…(*we’re close in our kind of way too..haha)

we still do our girls’ day out annually, every 2 years…since Nique only come from Germany every 2 years so we held our coffee-ing time at that schedule  ğŸ™‚

can’t hardly wait for the next girls’ day out in 2012…*sighhh…(miss them already :-))


About sassydesi

a wifey and a girl who is sassy and stubborn. a fashion and a beauty enthusiast. she loves handbags, a doglover and definately not-a-morning person kind of girl, and the last but not least she loveees sweet & juicy delicacies.
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